02- Fundamental Questions For New Students

02- Fundamental Questions For New Students

Fundamental Questions For New Students and Parents

Before your next (or first) visit, please answer these 8 fundamental questions:


Q: What do I like about the program?

Q: What benefits do I expect to gain from studying the Martial Arts?

Q: What days will I attend classes? Please choose two days per weeks from schedule.

Q: Will I and my family adhere to the values of the student creeds and the school’s mission?

Q: Can I see myself setting a goal and following it through to completion?

It can take about 48 months or more to achieve black belt.
Q: Can we see participating as a family? 

A high percentage of children enrolling have one or both parents attending classes with them. Consider enrolling as a family.
Q: Are we willing to support our school and share the value of its program with others? 

The quality of our school depends largely upon the quality of our students. Our most committed students are referred to us by family and friends.

Q: Am I willing to commit myself? 

You should come to the second lesson prepared to finalize the financial arrangements. A minimum deposit is required to cover initial tuition, and there are a wide variety of payment options available for continuing tuition coverage. The program director will help you select the one most appropriate for you. Both parents must be present for the enrollment of a child. Similarly, adults are encouraged to bring any family member that may be affected by the time or financial commitment made by the student.