Heroic Strength – Focus On

Heroic Strength – Focus On

Heroic Strength

Heroes are ordinary people who rise to the occasion in extraordinary circumstances. The potential to be a hero is present within each of us but whether or not you rise to the occasion when necessary depends on the strength in your mind and body. The body and mind must be unified for heroic strength to be built.

External Strength

1. Physical Power: To develop strength you have to train under conditions where you work against another force. A fit­ness example of working at devel­oping power would be lifting large amounts of weight in circuit training. Martial arts application: You can develop powerful side kicks by train­ing with a partner holding a heavy bag as you perform your kicks.

2. Physical Endurance: To build endurance you have to perform a repeated action over a long length of time. A couple of typical examples for building endur­ance are jogging and aerobic exercises. Martial arts application: You can build endurance through extended spar­ring sessions, aerobic self-defense training and/or kick boxing classes.

Internal Strength

1. Mental Focus: Gaining focus calls for concentrating the mind for extended periods of time. A common recreational exam­ple is reading a book. Martial arts application: You can build focus by performing standing, sitting or laying down meditation in which you have one thought that you concentrate on.

2. Mental Attitude: (Courage) Increasing courage results from facing difficult situations success­fully. If you struggle with talking in front of an audience, then doing some public speaking will develop your courage. Martial arts application: Perform breaking techniques with actual boards and bricks to build courage with each successful break.

3. Mental Smarts: (Strategy) Improving your street smarts is the result of being open to more learn­ing and experience. Playing the game Chess can help you to build strategy even beyond the game because it changes how you think. Martial arts application: Practicing applications against attacks that are not prearranged will help build mental smarts.

Heroic strength will naturally come out when you train to build your external and internal strength as you should in the martial arts. Gaining power, endurance, focus, courage and street smarts will prepare you for many of the uncertainties that life can bring so the hero in you can come out when necessary.

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Growth Mindset vs. Fixed Mindset Part 1

Growth Mindset vs. Fixed Mindset Part 1
Mindset 1


As a Martial arts instructor, is very important to me to coach my students in techniques and models that help them to develop effective and successful strategies. And also as I’ve studied successful people and come to see some consistent patterns of success.

Tony Robbins teaches that success in anything is 80% Mindset, 20% Mechanics. I tend to agree.


In this first part  of the article we’ll talk about  about the difference between having a fixed mindset vs a growth mindset.


Here are a list of examples of the mindset of individuals that either have a fixed mindset or a growth mindset. Obviously your goal should be the growth mindset ?


Fixed Mindset: “I’m either good at it or i’m not”
Growth Mindset: “I can learn anything I want to”


Fixed Mindset: “If I fail, i’m no good”
Growth Mindset: “I learn from my failures”


Fixed Mindset: “I don’t like to be challenged”
Growth Mindset: “I want to challenge myself”


Fixed Mindset: “I feel like feedback is personal”
Growth Mindset: “I feel like feedback is constructive”


Fixed Mindset: “If you succeed, I feel threatened”
Growth Mindset: “I’m inspired by the success of others”


Fixed Mindset: “My abilities determine everything”
Growth Mindset: “My effort and attitude determine everything”


I hope these examples get you thinking. One of the most valuable things you can do is take a good look at how you think on a day to day basis. Understand that YOU have total control over your thoughts AND your results.

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Focus On Personal Powe

Focus On Personal Powe
Every martial artist who trains consistently achieves personal power
by increasing their potential power. By applying potential power
in a positive way, they enhance their ability to improve their own
lives and the lives of people around them. It is this application of
potential power in a positive way that gives us the greatest personal
Power means many different things to many different people. Some
people find power in their authority over others, while others find
power through their ability to influence other people.
In the martial arts we develop many different kinds of power.
External Power comes to us through the building up of our bodies
by training in our techniques. Internal Power comes to us through
the sharp mental focus that is achieved from martial arts training.
Maximum personal power comes by balancing the internal and
external. It is this balance that helps us reach our full potential for
personal power.
The appearance of personal power and the achievement of
personal power are very different, and balance is the key to true
personal power.
Does financial power equal personal power? Only if the individual has a balanced life. A person who is very wealthy may appear to have great personal power. But if they work so many hours to
achieve wealth that they do not have time to spend with their family, then they lack true personal power.
Does physical power equal personal power? Physical power must be matched with mental power. A strong person with a weak mind is not powerful. A person with a strong mind and a weak body
also does not have personal power. Only when a balance exists between physical power and mental power does a person have true personal power.
Does a person with a strong mind and body have personal power? Yes, if they also have moral power. You cannot achieve true personal power if you do wrong by others through your poor moral actions. A strong mind and body must act in a moral way to achieve total balance and true personal power.
Reach your maximum potential power. Achieve Personal Power. Focus on creating balance in your life and you will reap the many rewards of Personal Power.
Personal Power


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Albert Cornejo truly is ‘the most interesting man in the world’ (Documentary)

Albert Cornejo truly is ‘the most interesting man in the world’ (Documentary)

Every good barber has tall tales to tell. But in the case of Albert Cornejo, the winding and often grandiose stories are actually true. That’s because Cornejo not only cuts hair, he’s a renowned sculptor and one of the most-awarded martial artists in the world today.

To those who know him, Cornejo is a living legend. But unlike some of his former contemporaries—such as Bruce Lee and Ed Parker—few outside the tightly knit community of Kenpo Karate have ever heard his name.

“If I do something, I have to be good at it,” Cornejo told Yahoo in a series of interviews as part of our Viewfinder video series. “But I never wanted the spotlight. For me, it is all about the passion and the work.”

By day, the 73-year-old athlete cuts hair at his modest barbershop tucked away inside a Santa Monica business park. There, he holds court with a truly unique collection of personalities, and a mixture of clients and social calls blend together as the day winds on.

But while most men his age have settled into the quiet life, it’s this barber himself who has the most interesting stories to tell.

Even with his seemingly laid-back demeanor, riding into the sunset does not come naturally to a man who spent decades practicing Kenpo Karate on the shores of the Pacific Ocean until sunrise.

In the early 1960’s, Cornejo was, in his words, “a poor Mexican kid” who wanted to learn how to fight. He wandered into a Kenpo Karate school owned by legendary founder Ed Parker, the man who singlehandedly brought Karate to the United States.

After just one session, Albert knew he had found his calling. Although too poor to afford the lessons, Parker saw something in Cornejo and offered to teach him for free. That act of generosity has stayed with Cornejo over the years: As he has risen through the ranks to become one of the most-decorated Kenpo Karate students in history, he has trained literally thousands of students and rarely asks for financial compensation.

The same ethic has carried over into his other pursuits.

After Karate, Cornejo’s second love is art. But while his sculptures have represented the U.S. at the World’s Fair. Perhaps his most impressive creation, a life-size horse carriage hand-crafted from bronze metal, rests under a sheet on the back porch of Cornejo’s small house.

But another interesting facet that has come to define Cornejo was his past refusal to sell his work for money. Famed art appraiser David W. Streets provided Cornejo with an estimate that his metal sculpture collection was worth more than $2 million but Cornejo says he was too prideful to sell his works. Now in his twilight years, Cornejo is open to selling his collection, though he would prefer it stay together as a whole.

It was while he was in the army that Cornejo learned to cut hair—and found a way to earn a pay check. Over the years, he has been the personal barber to Hollywood celebrities and politicians, including former President Ronald Reagan.

It was Kenpo that brought Cornejo into contact with many of his celebrity clients, who also included Red Buttons , Jack Dempsey, Lou Ferrigno, Bruce Lee, Stan Laurel and Lawrence Welk.

Technically, Cornejo even once cut Elvis Presley’s hair. But as he explains, that was a literal exercise not an ongoing relationship.

“Ed Parker brought Mr. Presely into my barbershop one day,” Cornejo said. “And I told him, ‘Mr. Presley, just please let me cut one hair off your head. Then, I can tell people I cut Elvis’ hair!’”

Today, most of Cornejo’s legacy is relegated to the framed photographs chronicling his previous brushes with fame. The dust gathering on the pictures serves as a reminder that the cost of Cornejo’s modesty and generosity is that he had been largely forgotten. And his chosen forms of artistry — Kenpo Karate, metal sculpting and the life of a barber are all relegated to smaller parts of the culture than they once occupied.

But in late January, Cornejo received recognition from the Kenpo community—which has been a part of his life for more than 50 years—when he was awarded with a 10th degree black belt, a true rarity in the martial arts community.

“Almost no one get s a 10th degree anymore,” martial arts instructor and filmmaker Dino Vicencio told Yahoo. “It’s a pretty rare thing these days.”

The Kenpo community, including other living legends like Chuck Sullivan and Robert Temple, have tried to bestow the honor on Cornejo for a number of years, but he had always declined out of modesty.

“It’s embarrassing,” he said. “To get up and have everyone cheering for you.”

Still, for a man who has so often avoided the spotlight over the years, it was a fitting reward for a life focused on becoming the very best at what he does and using that knowledge to help others.

After he received the award, Cornjeo said, he was back at his barbershop early the next morning, trading stories with friends, clients and random people passing by his shop.

Everyone is a potential new friend to Cornejo. Coming into his circle means you become part of the ongoing epic story that is Albert Cornejo. And with any luck, his own tale will be one that survives beyond the man hundreds have come to know as “Sifu.”

UPDATE: So many Yahoo readers have commented on Albert’s similarities, both in appearance and behavior, to the popular “The Most Interesting Man in the World” character from the Dos Equis commercial. And you know what? We have to agree with you, so, we’ve changed the story’s title to reflect that.

Source: https://www.yahoo.com/news/blogs/sideshow/secret-lives-albert-cornejo-martial-arts-master-renowned-182938179.html?ref=gs