Focus On Personal Powe

Every martial artist who trains consistently achieves personal power
by increasing their potential power. By applying potential power
in a positive way, they enhance their ability to improve their own
lives and the lives of people around them. It is this application of
potential power in a positive way that gives us the greatest personal
Power means many different things to many different people. Some
people find power in their authority over others, while others find
power through their ability to influence other people.
In the martial arts we develop many different kinds of power.
External Power comes to us through the building up of our bodies
by training in our techniques. Internal Power comes to us through
the sharp mental focus that is achieved from martial arts training.
Maximum personal power comes by balancing the internal and
external. It is this balance that helps us reach our full potential for
personal power.
The appearance of personal power and the achievement of
personal power are very different, and balance is the key to true
personal power.
Does financial power equal personal power? Only if the individual has a balanced life. A person who is very wealthy may appear to have great personal power. But if they work so many hours to
achieve wealth that they do not have time to spend with their family, then they lack true personal power.
Does physical power equal personal power? Physical power must be matched with mental power. A strong person with a weak mind is not powerful. A person with a strong mind and a weak body
also does not have personal power. Only when a balance exists between physical power and mental power does a person have true personal power.
Does a person with a strong mind and body have personal power? Yes, if they also have moral power. You cannot achieve true personal power if you do wrong by others through your poor moral actions. A strong mind and body must act in a moral way to achieve total balance and true personal power.
Reach your maximum potential power. Achieve Personal Power. Focus on creating balance in your life and you will reap the many rewards of Personal Power.
Personal Power


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