F.A.Q’s About Martial Arts Classes for Kids And Families

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Choosing the right Martial Arts program for your child or your family is an important decision.  We want to help you make the best decision and choose a program that is the right match for you.  We often get asked the same questions from parents, just like you, who are interested in starting their or their child in Martial Arts.  This list of frequently asked questions may help to answer some of the questions you may have.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What are the benefits of joining a Martial Arts program?

A: Martial Arts is one of the best activities you can introduce to your child.  Students who participate in our program benefit in many ways including improved discipline, self-confidence, self-control and improved academic standing due to an increased ability to focus and concentrate. Additionally, there is significant physical benefits students experience thought our Martial Arts program.  Benefits include increased flexibility, improved physical fitness, improved posture, muscle development in the arms, legs and core, aerobic conditioning and improved reflexes and coordination.

Q: When do you accept new students?

A: Students are accepted throughout the year.  We follow an open enrollment policy.

Q: Will martial arts/karate teach my child to be hostile and aggressive?

A: No. The core of our martial arts program is based on respect.  Violence and aggression are not tolerated in our program.  Students are taught to use Martial Arts only as a means of self-defense and never in a violent manner.  Often, children in our program become even more respectful and kind.

Q: What ages are the other kids in the Martial Arts program?

A:   Students are assigned to classes based on their age or ability.  Classes are offered for children as young as 4 and as old as teenagers. Children enrolled in karate often grow with the program. As our students grow and mature they learn new techniques, perfect old ones, and advance.

Q: Are classes co-ed? Can boys and girls take Martial Arts?

A: Yes!  All classes are co-ed. We have a good mix of both girls and boys in our Martial Arts program. Girls exceed in our program just as boys would and even perform better at some levels.

Q: Can you accommodate children with learning challenges?

A: It is widely known that karate programs are highly beneficial to children with ADD, ADHD or some level of Autism as well as other behavioral challenges. Because karate training occurs in a highly structured environment, children with certain learning challenges excel.  They thrive on the routines and focus-based activities which are part of the karate experience.

Q: Can I try a class for free to see if I like it?

A:  Absolutely. We encourage you to come visit the facilities, meet the instructor, and watch one of our classes before joining.  We also encourage you to participate in  our FREE INTRODUCTORY COURSE before making your final decision. There is no charge for your first 2 Private/Semiprivate Classes; just fill out a short liability release parent/guardian’s signature is required for minors) before participating.  Please follow this link to watch these videos about our introductory program explained by Senior Master Mohamad Tabatabai, founder of the Academy:  https://youtu.be/K2DLjvcX2KQ


Q: What do I wear to class?

A: New students attending a trial class can wear a t-shirt and exercise shorts/pants. Regular students should wear their karate uniform or karate pants with karate school-branded t-shirt.  All students should practice in bare feet for Martial Arts classes.  Students should not wear jewelry to class. Long hair should also be secure and away from the face.  Finger nails and toenails should trimmed short.

If you didn’t see an answer to your particular question, please feel free to bring it up in your first Intro class!

We look forward to see you in class!

Yours in the Martial Arts,

Professor Joseluis Morales

Program and New Admissions Director

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